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Species promotion in agriculture

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In 1996, the Swiss people accepted a new agricultural article in the Federal Constitution. In addition to providing a secure supply for the population, agriculture should, among other things, make a significant contribution to preserving the natural bases of life. The objectives for the agricultural area are defined in the publication Umweltziele Landwirtschaft, published by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN and the Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG.

With a view to efficient implementation, the report "Operationalisation of the Environmental Objectives for Agriculture" lists the following three objectives: (i) To provide a basis for the formulation of agricultural policy milestones for species and habitats in the context of the further development of the direct payment system; (ii) To provide a basis for the formulation of quantitative and qualitative objectives for species and habitats and for the formulation of measures for a biodiversity strategy; and (iii) To provide a basis for the derivation of measures for the implementation of the objectives for species and habitats at a regional level.