Lichens protected by NCHO

Of the approximately 2000 known lichen species in Switzerland, 22 taxa (18 species and 4 genera) are protected at national level under the Ordinance on the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage. This means that "the unauthorised picking, digging up, uprooting, leading away, offering, selling, buying or destroying, in particular by technical intervention, of wild plants of the species listed in Annex 2 is prohibited" (NHV Art. 20 para. 1).

These taxa are:

  • Elm gyalecta (Gyalecta ulmi)
  • Centipede lichens (Heterodermia) (all species of this genus)
  • Even grey lichen (Hypotrachina laevigata)
  • Leptogium burnetiae
  • Leptogium hildenbrandii
  • Lung wort (Lobaria) (all species of this genus)
  • Nephroma expallidum
  • Mustard kidney lichen (Nephroma laevigatum)
  • Cracked ruffle lichen (Parmotrema reticulatum)
  • Parmotrema stuppeum
  • Peltigera hymenina
  • Ramalina dilacerata
  • Ramalina roesleri
  • Coral lichen (Sphaerophorus globosus)
  • Sphaerophorus melanocarpus
  • White-rim lichen (Squamarina lentigera)
  • Foam lichens (Stereocaulon) (all species of this genus)
  • Moon lichens (Sticta) (all species of this genus)
  • Inflated beard lichen (Usnea cornuta)
  • Lustrous beard lichen (Usnea glabrata)
  • Usnea longissima
  • Broom beard lichen (Usnea wasmuthii)